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A Working Guy's Life:

Adventures of a Bisexual Male Escort living in LOS ANGELES (but traveling often). **Adults Only** Gay, Bisexual, & Straight are all welcome but no one under 18 & NSFW! This is a place for me to share my thoughts (and sordid details) on my many sexual adventures escorting. I also like to share my opinions on SEX & The Oldest Profession. I live my life clean (no drugs) and always practice safe sex! This is my choice, but I encourage others to make it too. I hope you get hot & hard reading and seeing my adventures and the stuff I share. I only post what I find interesting, hot, sexy or what drains my balls! I look forward to connecting with new clients and fans here! Please don't hesitate to submit or message me. I love hearing from people! DISCLAIMER: I make no claim of ownership of anything posted (unless otherwise stated). If you own any posted content, ask and it will be removed.
Male Escort, Rentboy, Hooker, Working Guy, Gay 4 Pay, Gigolo, Prostitute, Hustler, Whore... whatever you call it... I call it part of my life, the Working Guy's Life.
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Feb 21 '14


Minsky Gives Me BONE

Nice. I love that Alex Minsky is trying to remove his nude selfies from internet….good luck with that!! REBLOG!  REPOST


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